One week.

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Tomorrow I will pick up a neatly tailored suit skirt that actually fits.
On Sunday my family will go to Starbucks after church one last time.
On Monday I will work my last shift for the summer at Covington Drive-Thru Starbucks.
On Tuesday I will pack.
On Wednesday I will panic.
And on Thursday, one week from today, I say good-bye to my favorite people and I will board an airplane to the “other” Washington, on the other side of the country.
And so my senior year of college will begin.

But this year, as with every other year for me, is not without its share of angst. D.C. is unknown. It is foreign, almost more foreign than the places I have visited before.

But it’s not as if I have never been away from home; D.C. is no great trip in terms of distance, or even length, for me. I know what it is like to live in the city; I love it. I know how to manage the hectic mess that will become my schedule; I’ll make lots of lists.

Yet, I find myself oddly nervous, anxious, and all-around hesitant to leave. Right now it just seems…farther than I can manage. Still, I’ll be there. I have plane tickets. I shipped a box. I have no choice: I already started packing, after all.

There are many thoughts in my mind that I need to unpack, even as I begin to pack a semester’s worth of my life into a single suitcase.


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