More details; a little less drama

Today started with a wake-up call (literally, a phone call) to go cover a shift at work at 4:15 a.m. Since that time, the day has totally gotten away from me. I started packing tonight and realized that “paring down” my packing to a single semester’s worth of clothes, toiletries, and (strangely enough) shoes may still involve an extra suitcase. Much to my dismay. But I also picked up my suit skirt today. It’s pretty fierce.

As far as blogging goes, I’d like to apologize: Last night’s post was a little melodramatic. Reading it this morning, I thought, “Wow, I sound like I’m dreading this.” And to top it off, I don’t think most people really know what I’m doing in D.C. School? Internships? Living?

So, some clarity.

I am participating in the Fall 2011 semester of the Washington Journalism Center, which is operated through Best Semester and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Seattle Pacific is a member institution of CCCU, which allows students from universities around the country to participate in study abroad programs all over the world. WJC is based in Washington D.C., and I’ve been considering it since I arrived at SPU — how cool is it that there is actually a study “abroad” program specifically for journalism? I’ll tell you: Because journalism is such a small field of study, it is really cool.

However, it is only for a semester, so I will only be in D.C. until December. After that, I will come home and complete the final two quarters of my senior year (whoa crazy) in Seattle at SPU.

WJC is a small program of about 15 students who live for the semester in Washington D.C. We take classes on campus at WJC, but we also participate in an internship, which, as I previously mentioned, is the main learning experience for the semester. It takes place three days a week at a D.C. news organization — and WJC has interns at some really cool places (like The Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Street Sense, Religion News Service, off the top of my head). It’s a HUGE opportunity for any journalism student, because these internships actually allow us to report, write, and publish our works, rather than just getting coffee and editing copy. We get published, and we get clips for our portfolios from a D.C. paper or media organization; that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any aspiring reporter. [I will not reveal where I am interning quite yet, but I am excited to post explaining why I chose it…and why I turned down another very good opportunity. It was a big exercise in trusting God!]

I will be living with 5 other women in an apartment only eight blocks from the nation’s capital. Eight blocks! My apartment is on the fourth floor and there is no elevator, so I am already dreading the long trek up with my suitcase(s?). And this is cool…go here to take a virtual tour of the apartment complex. (But I didn’t even know that was there until tonight…how useful.)

Those are the details of my next semester (sans my own personal drama), as far as I understand them. I am not “dreading it” (…per se), but I have my hesitations. Still, I obviously have a lot of reasons to be excited. If you have other questions about what I will be doing or where I will be exploring, you should ask!


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