My Washington.

A shameless and self-gratifying post that lists the things and people I will miss in my Washington while I am gone.

Family dinners and movie nights.
My mom’s company.
Opening shifts at Covington Drive-Thru Starbucks.
Fall leaves on campus at SPU.
Ruby’s laughter and companionship.
Whitney’s sense of humor.
Haley’s camaraderie and support.
My dog, Kenji, and his yodel.
Fading sunlight on evergreen trees.
Unexpected glimpses of Mt. Rainier.
Seattle coffee.
Late nights in The Falcon office.
My favorite Thai places (Jai Thai and Thai Tom).
Sunset runs to Kerry Park.
Being considered a “native” in the city in which I live.
Weekends at home.
A sense of security.

This list is not complete. I just needed to get it out of my head.


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