Underwear and earthquakes

I am going to try to write an interesting post about packing, but there are really only so many things I can say: I have a suitcase. I want to bring more things than will fit in my suitcase. This alone is the source of much angst.

Truthfully, packing today has mainly involved a lot of strategic planning, for example, pondering how many pairs of underwear I will actually need/want to have, followed by the thought, “I know I need to bring fewer things, but when did underwear become expendable?”

Packing face: Equal parts boredom, mild annoyance, frustration, and boredom.

My other current source of angst is the fact that I have only one day left, yet it still feels like there is so much to do…probably because I failed to accomplish a lot of my goals this summer. Read all of those books I put off during the year? Right outside my reach. Finishing up some Falcon stuff from the spring? Slipped through the cracks. Honors project? Okay, that one didn’t just fall through a crack; it fell into the Grand Canyon. 

Maybe it can also just fall right into my suitcase, along with everything else that really needs to be in there. Sigh.

In other, actually important news…
A 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit the East Coast earlier today, and I think this is a good sign that I ought to just stay here or take a trip somewhere else while D.C. regroups. My bag will be already packed, after all.


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