One last West Coast post

I have less than 12 hours until my plane departs, and even though everything is ready to go, I feel like chaos. My mind is screaming: I don’t want to go; I want to stay here. I like my routines, I like my stability, I like my order. D.C. ruins all of that.

But at this time tomorrow I will have new thoughts, I hope, and a new perspective. As one of my favorite blogs reminded me today: “May I see the things in front of me as they are, not as I think them to be.”

That’s my goal, my hope, for not only tomorrow, but for this entire semester.

Today was my last full day at home. It began — as all good mornings do — with morning coffee with my mom and dad, because coffee time is my favorite part of the day. The coffee brews at 6:45 a.m. and we all bumble downstairs to enjoy the first cup. There is something so soothing about that routine, one I did not get to enjoy very often this summer because I worked so many morning shifts (and no, drinking coffee while working at Starbucks does not count as “morning coffee”). But I got to enjoy one last morning coffee with my parents today, and it was the perfect start.

After my last workout at home (I seriously have been so spoiled this summer living at home), I headed to World Relief to volunteer in the English as a Second Language classroom with Ruby. Ruby inspired me to be an ESL teaching volunteer this summer, and I am hooked. I will definitely return to their classrooms when I return to Seattle. There is something SO satisfying about working with refugees, because I see their simple joy and get to be part of their small successes.

After class, Ruby and I headed out to run errands, spending a few hours together before saying good-bye for four long months. We realized that exactly one year ago today, I was returning from Europe and she was leaving for Egypt, and we spent a good hour on the phone recounting my journey and anticipating hers. Now, a year later, it is wonderful to look back on the wonderful friendship we have developed. I cannot wait to come back to 57 West Dravus and be her roommate!

Finally, I came home for one last dinner with my family. Family dinner is a big part of my house, and I really enjoy the time we spend together around the table each night. Because tonight was so beautiful, we grilled, ate outside on the deck (haven’t been able to do that often this summer), and just enjoyed a homemade fruit tart – one of my favorite desserts.

Now, with a fully belly and a full heart, I write. Please pray for safe travels, for calm nerves, for personal peace as I prepare tonight and head out tomorrow. Next time I write, it will be from the other side of America.


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