Waking up to the Capitol

I have arrived in Washington, D.C.

For proof, see below.

Well, good morning, Capitol.

And that’s all I really have to say. I made it.

I am overwhelmed, tired, and blessed this morning as I write. I woke up early and took a carefully mapped out run through Eastern Market, the neighborhood closest to my apartment. When I reached Pennsylvania Avenue, I headed for the Capitol, passing the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court building on the way.

Did I really just write that? Did I really run past the Library of Congress this morning? Oh, that’s right. Yes. 

I ended up on East Capitol Street, which runs the 8 blocks from the Capitol to C Street, where I live. The sun was just coming up and, as you can see in the picture, it illuminated that grand white building like nothing I have seen before. It was captivating. Even though I have been to Europe, seen many historic sights much older than this, there is something unique about seeing my country’s capital, my country’s leadership, with my own eyes. (Also, Hurricane Irene has not yet arrived, so no need to worry about me running in torrential downpour or winds. It was perfect, if a little humid…even at 7 a.m.)

I headed back in the morning sun toward my apartment, with a quick detour up to our rooftop deck at the end. The small, white dot-of-a-building at the center on the horizon is the same Capitol building I saw up close just a few minutes prior.

View from up top, just one floor above me.

Today is mainly an orientation day, though hopefully I will make it to the store for some groceries this afternoon. A thrilling day, I’m sure, but necessary. Hopefully it will become less overwhelming as I get to know people and learn their names. I feel like I am in a bit of a daze at the moment. Running certainly helped clear that up, but hopefully the early morning wake-up does not result in me hitting the time-change wall too early this afternoon.


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