Hello, hurricane — I mean, Cupcake!

Last night was our first Friday in D.C., so naturally we decided to do what all girls would do on a Friday night: Go out…for cupcakes. Our program director, Terry, has been talking upa video made by some girls on a previous semester. They went out and sampled D.C.’s best/most popular cupcakes, then ranked them. Georgetown Cupcake is the most famous cupcakery because the bakers have a show on TLC, but we found a cupcake shop that is only about a mile away in Barrack’s Row called Hello Cupcake.

New friends from Apartments 3 and 8 at Hello Cupcake. From left: me, Alex, Heather, Gracie, Athina, Rachel, Sellika. Photo credit: Gracie Ferrell

Hello, Triple Coconut love. More sampling to determine true quality of cupcakes of all flavors will be required throughout the semester.

If you know me well, you know that I love frosting; I actually asked one employee about which cupcake had the best frosting-to-cake ratio. My close friends also know that I love everything coconut, and yesterday was my lucky day: The daily special was a triple coconut delight with coconut cake, coconut cream cheese frosting, and toasted coconut on top – yum! Needless to say, I was all over that baby.

Now, I must admit: My cupcake standards are extremely high. Hello Cupcake definitely is a contender in my book, though, because the cream cheese frosting was divine. (Although, really, how can you screw up something that good?) While I don’t think my first Hello Cupcake treat quite measured up to my high standards of New York Cupcakes in Bellevue and Cupcake Royale in Seattle, I will definitely need to conduct more tests to determine how it ranks compared to other D.C. cupcakeries. And to do that, I will definitely need to sample more flavors. Meanwhile, its close location (walking distance…uh, dangerous!) will hold me over for four months, I suppose.

It’s hard to think four months down the road, though. It is only my second full day here and I feel like I am becoming better acquainted with the city. I woke up this morning and ran part way down the National Mall, all the way down to the Washington Monument. My next goal (distance-wise) is to run the entire length, from my apartment to the Monument, then to the Lincoln Memorial, which is the very, very tiny white building on the horizon in the picture.

Angry sky over the Washington Monument says it all: Bad weather on the way! (This picture is deceiving; I was way closer than it looks!)

A lot of people are asking about the weather, especially with winds from Irene blowing in. While I was running, it was not raining yet; I would even say it was kind of pleasant for running because of the breeze and cooler temperature. Now, though, you’d think there is a hurricane coming or something! The wind and rain have really picked up, and I was even caught in a serious shower while I waited for the bus coming back from the store. Luckily, I made a new friend, who shielded me from the rain with his umbrella (even though I had my own a rain coat) like a gentleman. He had no front teeth (possibly not even any teeth on the top row); that is mainly an unrelated fact, but I think it explains a lot.


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