Currently craving: A pet sloth.

If you know me well, you know that I love consistency and routine. Well, I have fallen into a somewhat consistent schedule since I’ve been here, and my days here in D.C. generally go like this: I wake up, I go running, I go to class. Sometime in the 7 hours between class and bedtime, I end up getting really homesick and I contemplate how much it would cost to fly back home on the next flight out. Then, when I realize that will never happen, I go to bed, wake up, and do it again…except now on Tuesday/Thursday I substitute “go to class” with “go to The Fishing School” (if you read my previous post, you can guess how much I look forward to that).

This post is kind of a post to say I miss my previous routines, schedules, and the consistency they provided. Also, I want to go home, or any place where I know people and they know me and I feel included.

Don’t get me wrong: D.C. is a tremendous experience; previous posts attest to that. However, it is very far away from home, and I often feel like I am all alone. Whenever I have traveled in the past (to Europe, for example), I have had friends alongside me. I have gotten homesick, but the excitement of travel and new adventures always kept it from getting too bad. Here, that does not seem to be the case. It has been a week and the excitement has worn off a little. I have to live here. I have to work here. I have to figure out a new city and a new culture, and it feels like I am doing it alone. It has only been a week and I have 14 left. That is a long time if nothing changes.

Today I found out that my internship is not guaranteed, and I’m a mess. The position I thought I had for-sure been offered/accepted turns out to be up in the air…with 10 applicants for only 2 internship positions. I have an in-person interview scheduled next week. I thought this was, essentially, a formality, but now I guess I need to go into it as competitively as possible. That’s wreaking havoc on my mind right now.

And that is my perspective tonight, the one week-iversary of my arrival in the District. I can certainly adapt and be flexible in new situations. I can learn new routines, but adjusting to everything all at once is overwhelming. That’s my honest reflection, one week down: I am still overwhelmed and lonely.

But now I guess I will go to bed and get ready to wake up. I will run to the Washington Monument in the morning. I will go to The Fishing School. I will pretend I am not homesick/lonely and I will find something better/more positive to blog about tomorrow. If you made it this far, you are a very good person with too much time on your hands. Here is a picture of a sloth to reward you; it’s the only reason I referred to a sloth in the post’s title.

I almost want an internship more than I want a pet baby sloth. Almost.


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