Georgetown, a.k.a. cupcake mecca

There were (are?) credible terrorist threats to the D.C. area this weekend. [How is that sound for an opening sentence? Exactly what my mom wants to read, I’m sure. I make good choices, Mom, I promise!] Taking heed of the warnings to avoid tunnels and bridges, friends and I ventured over to the other side of town yesterday to visit Georgetown, which seems like it has always been the hip, chic part of this city. Case in point: John F. Kennedy lived in Georgetown when he was a newlywed…before he upgraded to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I assume. (In other news, I am moving there immediately.) It is an area famous for its upscale shops, college-age crowd, and – of course – cupcakes. The most famous of all the Georgetown cupcakeries (I just love using that word) is Georgetown Cupcake, featured on its own TLC show D.C. Cupcakes. As I have never seen the show myself, I was eager to see if their baked treats warrant the hype.

We took the bus to Georgetown (look, Ma, no bombs!) and walked the crowded streets. The important word here? Crowded. It seemed that people, especially families, were not afraid to be out on the city, which was bustling like any other Saturday afternoon. The overcast skies that hung around all week cleared up, and only a few puffy white clouds dotted the sky. It was refreshing. As my friend Gracie noted in her own blog post about our adventure, it seemed very patriotic – people going about their lives instead of letting fear – terror – keep them home.

Inevitably, though, this meant a long wait at Georgetown Cupcake when we arrived. The line snakes through the shop and down the block; during the busiest hours, some people wait between 30 and 45 minutes for a cupcake there. Once inside, the towering displays tempted me with decadent and scrumptious-looking varieties: Vanilla Birthday Cake, Chocolate Ganache, Apple Cinnamon, Mint Cookies’n’Cream, Salted Caramel, PB Fudge…and that was only part of the selection. (Choosing just one? Nearly an impossible task, but perhaps that’s the point. I will have to come back for more.)

To use a Seattle metaphor, a trip to Georgetown Cupcake is like a visit to the first Starbucks at Pike Place: Chaotic and busy, but a necessary pilgrimage for the truly devoted.

The Mint Cookies’n’Cream cupcake was really good, though the cake (with Oreo pieces baked in) was a little dry. How did I feel about the mint Oreo buttercream, though? Amazing! Lesson learned here: Cookies in cake? Dry. Cookies in frosting? Delightful. The other girls each had the Apple Cinnamon cupcake, which they deemed to contain the “right amount” of sweetness to satisfy them. On the other hand, my single cupcake left me wanting about a dozen more :)

We got lucky enough to snag a table at the crowded shop, allowing us to savor the sweet experience. Friends from left: Caitlyn, me, Athina, Gracie, and Heather. Photo courtesy of Gracie.

Please note this important development in my love for cupcakes: I potentially put my safety and my life at risk in light of credible terrorist threats for good friends and good cupcakes. And I was fine. Yes, I’ll take another cupcake now.


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