In which good things happen.

We all know by now that I love to write. But sometimes I just have no words. NO WORDS, people. This was one of those times; it speaks for itself:

Is this real life?

Okay, so it only speaks for itself if you know that Nicholas Kristof is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the New York Times. I wrote a brief profile about him for On Leadership’s American Leaders awards, and THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED. First, he tweeted my article out to his followers (that’s the tweet at the bottom of the page). Then, he direct mentioned me (@melissasteffan) in a tweet.

Okay, wait, no. That doesn’t just happen to young, aspiring journalists. Except when it does? Real life is crazy sometimes.

Remember that list of my top internship moments I posted last week? This definitely makes the list. Easily in the top 3.

And even though this isn’t nearly as exciting, here’s another picture of me, right at this moment:

A different kind of excitement.

Okay, so this excitement is very different from the first picture. That’s my final research project for WJC, a paper about why WikiLeaks won’t be the future of journalism.

Written. Edited. Printed. 

This feel-good post has been brought to you by end-of-semester happiness. No worries, though: The sadness will return next week.


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