9 Days and the “I <3 NW" phase


My view for New Year's Eve fireworks at the Space Needle

Isn’t my city just beautiful? That’s right: My city is more beautiful than yours. I don’t care where you live; Seattle takes the cake, especially at night.

Ever since I got back from D.C., I have been seeing the Northwest through new eyes, ones that appreciate the natural beauty of my home. Because I was away for several months, I missed my favorite season here (Fall), but I’m learning to appreciate the northwest Winter. After all, it’s still green here!

Plus, it isn’t snowing.

It isn’t even raining lately!

And I know I’ve said it before, that I love waking up in the morning for coffee with my mom, but another benefit of waking up early is that I’m up before the sun — awake early enough to see God paint the sky EVERY SINGLE DAY. Are we blessed or what?

The last 10 days have been “exciting” in our house, since my sister had jaw surgery last Wednesday. It’s an operation she’s been planning to have for a while now, to correct her bite. We spent most of Wednesday in Bellevue at the hospital, and she was discharged Thursday. Doctor said everything went well — “textbook,” he called it — and it seems like she’s recovering well, too! For a while there she looked a lot like Mrs. Potato Head, but I think that stage is past us. I’ve really enjoyed getting to spend time with Alaina, even though we’re just working our way through the Harry Potter movies and watching daytime television together. I long ago lost count how many “Say Yes to the Dress” episodes we’ve watched.

Now, I have just NINE days until I leave for D.C. again; it’s pretty hard to believe! (Also hard to believe is that my brother just found out yesterday that I’m going back. How did that little bit of information slip through the conversational cracks?) I haven’t started packing yet — last August I started packing three weeks before I left — but I think I’m just delaying reality. Next week will be a flurry of packing, running errands, and losing my mind.

But for now I’m content to go slow and dread the quick loss of my sanity on Wednesday! Before I get to that point, I plan to enjoy seeing as many friends as possible (via time spent in Seattle and on a weekend UScholars retreat to Portland, Oregon — land of hipsters, Powell’s bookstore, and VooDoo Doughnuts), enjoy more family moments, and enjoy as many Northwest sunrises as possible.



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