First (second) impressions

Two bathrooms! Internal staircase! Spacious living room! It sounds like a real estate advertisement, but describing Apt 5 as the "Dellenback Palace" isn't really an exaggeration.

In my senior year of high school, I had a very important choice to make: I had to decide which AP math class I would take. Having already passed my first year of calculus, I had to choose between AP Statistics or AP Calculus BC, the second year. I wanted to be in both classes. I wanted to learn both skills. I wanted both teachers. But I was supposed to choose just one class.

I took both.

That year, I was the first person at Kentlake HS to take both stats and calculus at the same time. It was pretty challenging, but I guess I set the bar. The year after I graduated, three other students did the same thing. The next year, even more. I kind of set the bar and showed people that it’s possible to do the hard stuff with a little extra effort.

Enter senior year of college. I was supposed to choose one study abroad program, and I picked Washington Journalism Center. It was the right choice, because I loved it…but I was hooked. Call it “Potomac Fever” — call it whatever you want — but I’m telling the truth: I love D.C., and one semester here just wasn’t enough. So, I’m taking both. 

I’m the first student to ever participate in both WJC and ASP, but that’s not to say I think I should be the ONLY one. I’d love for more students to get to have the “D.C. year” experience.

I’m no longer interning at The Post, due to a combination of factors. Instead, I’m excited to be working as the online editor intern for Center for Public Justice, a small thinktank that focuses on issues of Christianity and politics. It’s right up my alley as far the kind of research they do, and my actual job will be to start and manage a news blog — exactly what Terry was teaching us to do in WJC. He wanted us to go back to our campuses and start daily news blogs for the campus papers. I’ll just be doing it for a professional organization.

This semester, I’m living in Apartment 5, which was a guys’ apartment last semester. It’s much larger than my old apartment, and it has an internal staircase, two bathrooms, and a huge living room (In addition, there are only 5 of us girls in here, whereas there were 6 guys in here last semester). I am in a two-person bedroom with my roommate, Annalisa, and my three other apartment-mates — Ellie, Christy, and Sarah — share the other room.

It was a snowy Friday night in D.C. -- too bad I bet that it wouldn't snow here and told my mom, "No, I don't need snow boots."

Already, I can tell how different this semester will be for me. It’s strange to see new and unfamiliar faces around the Dellenback. But I already feel as though I’m doing a better job adjusting to the pace of life here because I know the city and I can focus on getting to know new people. I’m not overwhelmed like I was last semester. I’m just thrilled to be here.

My hope is that people here don’t think I’m overbearing or hard to be around. It’s just that I know the area already and I want to help them get familiar with it, too. But I want people to get their “first-time” experience, so that means keeping my mouth shut sometimes…even when I know how to keep them from getting lost.

Last night, it snowed a little…which means two things: a) the snow is following me from Seattle and b) we’ll be doing our “bus day”/scavenger throughout the city in the COLD, wet weather. Last semester, we did it in the aftermath of a hurricane, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


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