Seeing D.C. for the first time

Because this is my second semester, there are certain activities I have to repeat throughout the spring. One confession I’ll readily make is that I was not looking forward to repeating the dreaded WJC/ASP “bus days” this semester. However, yesterday was our first scavenger hunt/bus day and…I loved it. (WHAT?!) We even went to places I’d never really been before, so it was new for me as well.

We actually began on Friday, when we went to the Library of Congress and got our reader cards. Can you believe I went a whole semester in D.C. without a Library of Congress reader card? No longer true.

Then, we woke up to snow and ice yesterday morning. Truth be told, it was beautiful! After my Sea-Tac experience, I thought I’d never want to see ice again, but D.C. wears it well. All of the sidewalks were pretty icy, making it rather slippery and somewhat treacherous, but the ice on trees and bushes was nothing short of beautiful.

We headed down to Eastern Market around 10 a.m. and took the train to the SW quadrant of the city, where we found the fish market on the waterfront.

Then, we headed to Dupont Circle for lunch and a trip down Embassy Row. We walked a LONG way down Massachusetts Avenue and took pictures at every embassy we saw. As we passed the Turkish embassy, I knew I had to take a picture in honor of my dear friend Ruby.

Part of the scavenger hunt was to find Woodrow Wilson House, a presidential museum. The gentleman inside was not pleased when we showed up just wanting a brochure and a picture, but I still dressed up like Woodrow Wilson and felt surprisingly cool.

We finished up our day with a stroll through Barrack’s Row and Lincoln Park, visiting the Marine barracks and the Emancipation Statue.

It was so much fun to get to know new friends, all of whom had a good attitude about being outside in the freezing cold. It’s amazing what a difference one’s attitude makes. I remember my first WJC bus day; I was reluctant to go. This time, I just enjoyed the trip and was so happy to be seeing NEW things.. Even though I was familiar with all the places we explored, I still felt as though I was experiencing D.C. for the first time. I tell you, this city just never gets old!

Scavenger hunting group (from left to right): Hannah, Matt, June and Havilah


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