Hair grows and I am published in “etc”!

One of the first pieces of college mail I ever remember receiving was a glossy magazine called “etc.” I loved the colorful, funky photography, the student writing and, of course, the school it was advertising: Seattle Pacific.

And, as corny as it sounds, ever since I started attending SPU, I have hoped to be able to be a SPUdent cool enough to write a piece for etc. Seriously. I know it’s a magazine geared toward recruiting high school seniors to come to SPU, but I have always wanted to write a piece for and appear in etc.

Needless to say, I’ve kept that little aspiration a secret, because it’s pretty silly, especially considering all of the other amazing things I’ve done at SPU. BUT BUT BUT last semester, etc’s editor, Julia, emailed me and asked me to write a reflection about my Washington Post internship for the magazine. [Um, Melissa = thrilled.]

That was all the way back in October, and the article was finally published last week. I am beyond excited…and yes, I do know how silly this all sounds. Here I am, living in D.C., writing for The Washington Post, and I’m losing my marbles over a little blurb in my school’s recruiting magazine. But not only am I so excited to see my little article, I am also thrilled that it features the photography of one of my friends from WJC, Gracie. She is a wildly talented photographer, a great friend, and I miss her like crazy!

The only downside to this is that it reminds just how short my hair was…not a happy point in my semester. I’ll be honest: That haircut was traumatizing — and I am NOT exaggerating). But God is good, I am finally published in etc, and my hair has grown (…it’s only taken 13 weeks to grow long enough to even consider cutting it again).

Okay, okay — enough of me raving about how excited I am. Go read it! And when you’ve done that, go check out Gracie’s website, too.


One thought on “Hair grows and I am published in “etc”!

  1. Hey, at least they left you with a wisp of bangs! :) I think it’s awesome that you got to write an article for “etc.” It’s the realization of a goal, however small, that counts. I’m glad to see that you are so successful and I hope that you are as happy as you are busy. I kept checking your old blog and never saw anything new, so I’m glad I found your new one!

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