This blog post is irrelevant

Sad as it is to admit, it looks like my attempt to blog with any regularity will become more of a weekly thing this semester. Don’t get me wrong: I love this blog, and I love reading and seeing people’s reactions to my…well…life. But life is kind of stressful at the moment.

This week was the first week of my new internship at the Center for Public Justice. It was a little overwhelming and exciting and a letdown and do-people-actually-get-paid-to-do-this-social-media-guru-thing all at one time. So, that was fun.

I mean, really, it was. I think I will really enjoy my work there, which is (short version here) to work on implementing part of a social media strategy for the thinktank by designing a website/news blog aimed at young adults interested in issues of faith and politics.

Overall, I enjoyed my first week. It would be easier to process this sentiment if I didn’t wake up this morning at 5 a.m. to volunteer at a pancake breakfast, and if I hadn’t been cold all day. I’ve never met anyone who can been in a really good mood while being extremely cold for a prolonged period of time (but that’s entirely unrelated to…anything). A group of us volunteered from 6 to 9 (or 10…as it were) a.m. this morning for a Capitol Hill Village fundraiser. I think the best part was just hearing the volunteer coordinator there say, “I love all of these young people here so early! They just have so much life! They’re so fun!” It really made me happy to know that just our presence could have such an impact.

Later, I met up with some friends I met here last semester, Jamie and Chris, and we grabbed Chipotle (a class Fall 2011 group choice) for lunch. It was so…great and strange, I guess, to see them. It was like two worlds crossing…as if D.C. in the fall was an entirely different world than it is now. But it still was great to share stories and laugh about some really great memories with people who already “get” the way I love D.C.

And then I talked to a homeless man for 15 minutes. His name is Peter Bis, and he’s pretty great. He told me all about how he got briefed by the State Department last night on the issue of Israel. He also gave me my deep thought for the day: “Dead people are good people. That’s true diplomacy.” Uhh…still pondering the ramifications of that one.

Then there were people running through Capitol Hill wearing nothing but underwear. HUNDREDS OF NEARLY NAKED RUNNERS.

Then I discovered that the Starbucks nearest the Capitol Building (and not far from my apartment) has a Clover machine. Life = so complete.

Finally, after several hours of studying and working on my ASP policy project and pretending to think about starting my honors project, I came back and ate a delightful dinner with my roommates.

I’m sorry this post doesn’t have any pictures of my life. Also, I got a hair cut for the first time since October and it wasn’t terrible…like the one in October was. Hair cuts have been very traumatizing experiences for me historically speaking, and it’s especially rough when your hair is only a few inches long to start out. That’s also unrelated to why I don’t have pictures.

All right. Here’s my current favorite picture:

But also this one:

Yep. My blog just crossed over into the “irrelevant” category.


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