Social media, and other things I’m now qualified to do.

What up, Wednesday.

Yesterday was kind of a rough day for no particular reason other than that I was tired and it was a day, so I’m feeling particularly upbeat this afternoon (at least comparatively). Thus, I give you:

I don’t really have a good explanation for this picture, except that we’ve been posting “Haters gonna hate” memes on our door, it was late one night, and we were waging whisk war with the apartment next door.

So, yeah.

This my fifth day of my new internship at the Center for Public Justice, which I briefly mentioned in my last post, and I have just enough direction to know what I’m doing and have no idea what I’m doing simultaneously.

What are you doing for CPJ this semester, Melissa? I’m the online editor intern, so I’m working on several projects. To start, I’m managing CPJ’s Facebook and Twitter accounts (so if you ‘Like’ Center for Public Justice on Facebook or follow @cpjustice on Twitter, that’s me posting!) and doing some editing for CPJ’s weekly publication, Capital Commentary. But my main project involves creating and launching a new website/newsblog aimed at young adults (students and young professionals) who are interested in faith and politics. The site will feature aggregated news content on relevant issues, as well as unique commentary on certain topics, integrating the mission of CPJ with the words and works of young writers. The goal is to create a discussion forum that allows young professionals, Christians, politicos, and intellectuals to engage and interact with each other.

Whoa, cool! Thanks — I know! Super exciting! But do you actually know how to do that, Melissa? I have no idea how to do that.

Okay, that’s not exactly true. I have a lot of ideas. With a little guidance from my supervisor last week, I developed a concept for the site, which I pitched to her yesterday. For the most part, she loved it! Now I’m in the process of working through the nuts-and-bolts details, like, you know, who’s going to write for this site, what it will look like, and other semi/very/crucially important things for a website. However, I do have to wait until March for grant funds to come through before I can actually launch my project.

In the meantime, I’m getting a lot of experience “working” with Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress, which I have been assured is “industry standard” when it comes to hosting websites (it also happens to host this blog). For example, what am I doing this afternoon? Just look:

Working hard...or hardly working? Definitely the latter...I mean, former.

Look familiar? If not, check your eyes, then scroll up and start reading this post from the beginning.

As if it weren’t clear from the picture, the answer is: I’m becoming a social media pro. I’m figuring out all of those cool things I see on other sites…and realizing that I can do them on my own blog through WordPress. Email subscription button? Uh, added to my sidebar right away. Twitter feed? Yes, please. Oh, technology, you crazy thing…I can’t believe companies actually pay people to do this.

In other news…

Tonight, Apartment 5 will prepare a birthday extravaganza for our roommate, Christy, who is celebrating her 22nd birthday. We’re making chicken marsala, linguine, garlic bread and — of course — a chocolate cake with (my) homemade cream cheese icing. If that’s not a good birthday dinner cooked for you by people who were strangers less than a month ago, I don’t know what is! We invited our friends from Apartments 4 and 6 over as well, so we’ll be cooking for a crowd (whose idea was that anyway, Ellie??), but I’m excited to relax and fellowship with friends this evening.

So, maybe now you’re wondering, Melissa, why are you so sporadic when it comes to posting blogs? You’re usually so…not sporadic. And I would say, “Pfffflt. You’re lucky I write here at all. And this is even turning into a long post!”

No no no. I wouldn’t really say that. But I would say that you should take a look at my schedule, what I have to do, and what I have due but I’m not doing.

Okay, so what’s coming up in D.C. this week that’s keeping you busy? Well, another day of interning tomorrow — a.k.a. play on Twitter — and another set of immigration annotations due Thursday. On Friday, ASP students will have THREE different briefings, two from labor unions and one at the Chamber of Commerce (sounds intimidating and terribly important, right?) But then we’ll head into downtown for burgers from Ollie’s Trolley…returning to the Dellenback in time for our weekly community viewing of Downton Abbey — couldn’t miss it.

Now that internships have started, the pace here has certainly picked up. It’s the same schedule as last semester (Class on M/F, Intern on T/W/Th), but I feel much busier…not to mention I know that I have my honors project looming over my head. Sounds like I’ll be spending Saturday in the Library of Congress with a very large coffee or five.

Or, you know…not.


One thought on “Social media, and other things I’m now qualified to do.

  1. This was a great read and I totally love your photo!! :) The girl in the middle back is really funny.

    Love your header picture too.

    This was a really buzzing piece :)

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