The best Saturday [aka the day God gave me a food processor]

This weekend has been so good — just what I needed. Okay, so it hasn’t been the most productive, per se, but it’s been a lineup of one good thing after another…and sometimes you just need that.

After a whirlwind day of three briefings (SEIU, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and AFL-CIO) on Friday, the majority of the Dellenback met downtown for burgers at Ollie’s Trolley. One of the guys, Jack, started a “Friday night burger night” outing one week, and it just kind of caught on from there. Then, we all came back and watched our customary two episodes of Downton Abbey. (There are no words to describe everyone’s reaction to ‘that moment’ in episode 6 when you think Patrick Crawley really is alive again. Family bonding moment – whaaaat.)

Yesterday was…man, just awesome. I started out with a run, but I was just feeling tired, so I turned it into a prayer walk and just prayed my way around Capitol Hill, thanking God for the amazing experiences I’m having. It just struck me that I am so blessed to be in D.C. — yes, I’m still amazed by that, even now — and to have found such amazing people to share it with…not just once, but now twice. Later, my roommate Annie and I went shopping at Eastern Market, and we picked up some fresh hummus (mine is Indian Spice with curry!) and Thai Peanut Sauce, along with apples and veggies.

I “started” my honors project, but then quickly lost motivation. Remember how, in my last post, I said I’d work on that research over a cup of coffee or five? I definitely took the coffee and just didn’t really start the project. I mean, I compiled all of my previous writing on the topic and, turns out, I have almost 50 pages written. So that’s fun. And I wouldn’t want to actually work, so I just stopped there and went to get frozen yogurt with Annie instead. I make good life choices.

Speaking of good life choices, we also went to Target and spent a lot of money on things we don’t actually need. Like more dipping chocolate. And baking things. [BUT ALSO A VOLLEYBALL. Wait, no. That was something I needed.] Luckily, Annie stopped me from breaking the bank and getting a food processor, because we’re still at the age where spending $40 on a kitchen appliance is a big investment. I mean, my $10 volleyball even seems like a big investment.

Did I mention that yesterday was a beautiful day? It was a beautiful day. All I wanted to do was not work and be outside, so in the evening, a group of us went to Lincoln Park to play Frisbee (but not volleyball). On the walk back, we passed a microwave on the side of the street with a note taped to it, saying “Free.” We laughed about taking the microwave back with us (which would be silly, because all of our apartments have microwaves already), and picking up appliance on the side of the street just seems questionable, right?

But then, not ten feet later, I FOUND A FOOD PROCESSOR. FO’ FREE. Needless to say, the food processor from God just made my day. There was a brief period where the food processor also broke my heart, because I thought it was broken — which would actually explain why it was on the street — but it turns out we just didn’t have the bowl locked…so it DOES work. (Who is going to use her new food processor to chop ALL THE THINGS? This girl.)

So, it would seem that this day just could not get better, but I promise you, it did and that was only at 7 p.m. Goodness continued in the form of more community bonding, over a game of Taboo, s’mores on the back patio, and a brief nap in the world’s most comfortable bean bag chair.

Also, to return briefly to a previous point: S’m-Oreos. Your mouth will cry sweet tears of happiness. Go try it now. HASTE!

(There may also have been an Apartment 5 face mask par-tay, in which the five residents of apartment 5 were briefly replaced by five smurfs who may or may not have danced around the Dellenback at 11:30 p.m. Yeah…that happened.)

[Also: My roommate just complimented me on how productive I’m being. I admitted that I’ve been writing this blog. She rescinded the compliment. Ouch. But I blogged! Worth it?]


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