Public Data Ferret

Public Eye Northwest is a Seattle-based nonprofit that focuses on increasing digital civic literacy and government transparency. Every day, hundreds of important government documents are published online, released into public cyberspace, but many are never read or even uncovered. Public Eye Northwest, and its news knowledge base project, Public Data Ferret, seeks to change this. The site provides brief write-ups of government documents, including those with both local and national focuses.

I interned with Social Capital Review, the “mother blog” of Data Ferret, between June and August 2011, during which time I learned much about “bureaucrat-speak” in government documents. When a document is 30 pages long, chances are that it still includes only 500 words of important information. As an editorial intern, I read documents, summarized them, and provided write-ups of their important points.
While at Social Capital Review, some of my work appeared on the front page of the Seattle Times Online. While there exists no online archive of that work at The Seattle Times itself, the complete archive of my stories can be found here.

A hastily edited screenshot shows my "Donut Hole" story on the Seattle Times website.


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