The Falcon

The Falcon is the student newspaper at Seattle Pacific University. It is a weekly newspaper published in part by the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific, though control of content remains in the hands of the dedicated student editors.

Working hard at The Falcon under my watchful eye, even at midnight.

I spent two quarters of my freshman year as a news writer, getting involved quickly upon arriving at SPU. As a sophomore, I served as assistant news editor. During this year, my weekly beat was the student senate meetings (more exciting than they sound), but I also received the opportunity to report on important campus events, such as a faculty vote on a new common curriculum and the death of a student.
Being editor-in-chief of The Falcon during my junior year was simultaneously my greatest leadership experience and the most humbling experience of my life. It taught me that I work well under pressure, that I have the strength to lead others, and that words have the power to affect change in even the most unlikely circumstances. During this year, my most significant work was reporting events regarding Haven, SPU’s GLBTQ group, and their struggle to become officially recognized on campus.
In May 2011, I received two Mark of Excellence awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for my work at The Falcon during the 2010  calendar year. I received first place honors in the General Column Writing category, as well as second place in the General News Writing category.


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