12 Signs You Work at 1776

photo (2)Many of you have asked what I do, and even more of you have asked what 1776 does, exactly. 1776 is a startup incubator in downtown D.C.—directly across from the Washington Post building—that provides co-working space and resources for startups in highly regulated industries, such as health and education.Our co-working space (we call it “campus”) currently hosts about 175 member companies…and counting. Continue reading


Things I Miss About D.C.

I made a fairly complete, but not exhaustive, list of things I miss about D.C.
I started writing and kept going as things came to me. This list is in stream-of-consciousness order.

Eastern Market.
Morning runs to the Capitol.
The windowsill in Apartment 5.
The relative ease of WMATA.
Cupcake runs.
Work at BestSemester.
The over-stocked fridge.
Walking to Union Station.
Free museums.
The National Mall.
Being surrounded by history.
Bagels and Baguettes.
National Community Church.
Coffee at 7/11.
The natural-ness of walking everywhere.
The routine of internship mornings.
Family Night Dinners.
PPI briefings in the city.
Running into Gerry all over the place.
We the Pizza.
The Starbucks on Penn with the loft and fireplace.
Adventures with Ellie.
Grocery shopping at Aldi.
H Street.
The Washington Post.
Northwest D.C.
Mornings in the apartment.
Tea – always tea.
Baking for everyone.
Never having to worry about leftover baked goods.
Studying in the classroom.
The dot game.
Feeling like my work mattered.
Feeling like I mattered to people.
Doing voices and accents with Annie.
Singing pop songs with Sarah.
The Penthouse ladies.
The view from the Dellenback roof.
The Capitol at sunset.
Seeing people in the stairwell from my desk.
Riding the Metro.
Memes. So many memes.
Nutella lattes from Pound the Hill.
Peter Bis.
Bingo in WJC class lectures.
WJC third row: Gracie, Athina, Melissa.
Dunkin Donuts.
The red line.
Heidelberg Bakery in Vienna.
Tortilla Café.
Cheesy breakfast grits at Eastern Market Café.
Arlington Cemetery.
Ray’s Hell Burgers.
Lincoln Memorial at night.
Lincoln Memorial in broad daylight.
Finding volleyball courts on the backside of Lincoln.
Walking the Tidal Basin – with my mom, with WJC friends on our final night.
The WWII Memorial, with and without fountains.
The National Gallery of Art.
Even the modern wing of the National Gallery of Art.
The D6 bus.
Baked and Wired, and one very good day there.
Caribou Coffee.
Lily and Emi.
Serendipity III.
The Capitol Building. Everything about it.
Interviews for PPI.
Laughing with Phanie.
Camping in West Virginia.
Harris Teeter.
So many pots of soup.
Failed overnight apple oatmeal.
Saturday morning breakfasts.
The time our A.C. failed.
The community created by Downton Abbey.
The Civil Wars.
The stupid sloth in a box at the National Zoo.
Lemurs at the National Zoo.
Embassy Row.
The National Press Club.
Taco nights with WJC.
Tuesdays at CPJ.
Coming home after my internship. Every single day.